Poretol Dead Skin Peeling Gel 65G

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To somebody who's worried about dullness or roughness. The skin of yours is dull lately, makeup cushion is terrible. Not difficult old skin peel at time that is that low. In case you rinse it, you are going to feel it. Clear transparency. Toner is not hard to penetrate into the skin of yours. Rub with gel. 4 fruit acids (lactic acid, citric acid, malic acid, tartaric acid) as well as yogurt extract file down old skin matter. Most of the above mentioned keratin very soft elements. Gel with squalane capsule adsorbs used skin as well as sebum which gets dead skin. Much more rejuvenated with Konjac feed wash. Rinse and rips. Witch hazel extract or arched chalk leaf extract (tightening ingredient) & firmly. Hydrated with 6 ingredients developed in skin. Feed in the gel very soft Konjac grain scrub as well as squalane capsule. Hydrating element, collagen, hyaluronic acid, raspberry extract. Emollient ingredients: coconut oil, argan oil, squalane. Rejuvenating berry and apple scent. Artificial pigment, no preservative, mineral oil. How you can use: After face cleansing, stay away from proper eyelids as well as lips, use ideal amount (aproximatelly two pearls in T zone) to the spot in which old skin material is worried, massage gently. When old skin as well as dirt falls, rinse completely with bright lukewarm h2o. And then, do regular skin like product. Prior to cleaning in the early morning, prepare the skin structure of yours and make up. Partial proper care like face darkness as well as etc, nose. With all the entire body, additionally to the facial skin, as well to care of elbows, butt, knees, etc. You are able to apply actually damp hands in the water. Take of one to two times each week is a standard. Take care never to eradicate a lot.

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