Elixir Superieur Whitening Emulsion C Refill 130Ml Ii Moist

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Prevents moisturizing as well as whitening ingredients loaded with lotion. As the brightness proceeds, the regular skin opinion of yours will alter. Skin with a bright, bright and firm impact will go on to show. Absolutely no matter what sort of touch you think, the skin of yours won't really feel sticky and you'll be happy with a significant water. Whitening active component 4MSK mixture. Suppresses the creation of melanin and for stops areas as well as freckles. 4MSK (4 methoxysalicylic acid potassium salt). Sure emulsion C I: Refreshing and fresh feel. Distinct Emulsion C II: Smooth and moist. Distinct emulsion C III: Very hydrated as well as mellow feel.

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