Yes To Cucumbers: Calming Sleeping Mask (Single Pack) 1 Single Use Mask (0.13Fl Oz / 4Ml)

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Yes to cucumbers to cure as well as soothe the skin of yours so that you are able to truthfully say #iwokeuplikethis. The one use Yes To Cucumbers Calming Sleeping Mask has cucumber extract designed to keep on your skin cool each night. Don't worry, the mask picked up't transfer to the pillow of yours (Phew!), however, it is going to leave your skin be very soft, sleek and invigorated. For: skin that is very sensitive The best way to use: Open card at perforation below to give off the sachet. Softly pull a the notch of the sachet to widen as well as expose the most perfect quantity of Sleeping Mask required for in a single day. Apply conceal all around face on newly cleansed skin. Be at liberty to rest as well as give yourself a small face rub as the formulation absorbs. We ll wait here. Tuck yourself in, switch off of the lighting fixtures and allow the mask do all of the work as you go to sleep! You ll wake approximately a thoroughly clean pillow as well as skin that is wonderful. Rinse and get in a position experience a peaceful day!

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